Board Members

(Rinoceronte Giuggiolo)


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(Lodolaio Melone)

Treasurer & secretary

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Vice-president of the Stichting Damanhur Foundation

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Supervisory Board
Maria Luisa Paganini

(Cicogna Giunco)

Eugenio Mensi

(Condor Girasole)

Franca Nania

(Sirena Ninfea)

Domenico Biadene

(Caimano Salice)

Gian Piero Ragusa

(Cormorano Sicomoro)

Michele Scapino

(Orango Riso)

Sergio Bollo

(Astore Baobab)

Tiziana Prete

(Piovra Caffè)

Luca Biliotti


Our Team

(Anaconda Papaya)

International Relations Director

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executive director Fundraising USA

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(Esperide Ananas)

Ambassador & Content Creator

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(Formica Coriandolo)


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(Macaco Tamerice)


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(Panda Sandalo)

Personal Assistant to the International Relations Director

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Assistant to the Board of Members

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Representatives and Honorary ambassadors

Worldwide honorary ambassador

Representative in Russia and Bulgaria

Representative in China

What are the names into parenthesis?

The citizens of Damanhur choose to use also names of animals, plants and minerals, as a way to affirm their desire for a profound connection with Nature.

Everyone chooses their own name, and then proposes it to others during a moment of collective celebration or a community meeting. If the name “feels” right to the other citizen, than it is “officially” that person’s new name. Otherwise, other names are proposed and the person can choose if to accept it, or to postpone the acquisition of the new name to another time.