The mission of Damanhur Foundation is
to be an example and inspire people to take actions
that can change the world for the greater good.

Born in Italy in 1975 as a social and spiritual experiment,
Damanhur is a Living Lab for the Future.
It is a worldwide movement, inspiring the lives of thousands
of people committed to leaving a positive mark in the world.


Our world needs new, conscious societies

Intentional communities are human laboratories for the future, where new paradigms, systems and ways of living can be tested towards the creation of sustainable, resilient and happy societies.


Yes! to new ideas. And…
how can we create, together?

Engaging interviews to share the ideas, insights and the work
of some of the innovative, original and interesting people
we have the pleasure of welcoming to Damanhur.

The Founder of Damanhur

Falco Tarassaco


The story of Falco is the story of a man who believed so strongly in his dreams that he was able to involve many other people and make them dream as well. It is also the story of a man who has always lived ahead of his time.

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