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NAAAM Stichting Damanhur Foundation

Nummer Kamer van Koophandel 69469547

Adres Weverstraat 30, Oosterbeek



Objective of the institution and activities to be carried out

Damanhur Foundation’s goal is to preserve and develop the principles of spirituality, the philosophy, the cultural heritage, the intellectual property and the community experience of Damanhur, founded in the Valchiusella area in the Province of Turin (Italy), according to the ideas and teachings of the late Oberto Airaudi and to share them with other groups and cultures.

Damanhur Foundation’s goal are detailed here:

Goal description – Damanhur Foundation

By what means the revenue will be obtained

Damanhur’s revenue streams are derived from various sources, with the primary contributor being donations made by supporters of specific projects and initiatives. These donations come from all corners of the world, spanning from individuals who are already part of the Damanhur network to those who are not yet familiar with our organization. It is worth mentioning that the people who donate to us are often motivated by the free content and experiences that we share, which serves as a testament to the value of our mission and goals. Moreover, our brand recognition is consistently growing, thus expanding our reach and attracting more donors to support our various initiatives. This includes our efforts to promote sustainable living, facilitate spiritual growth, and create positive impact in the world.

How the assets will be managed and spent

The Foundation is committed to supporting communities in a variety of ways. One of the most important ways in which it does so is through the donation of funds to projects or for specific purposes. However, these donations are not limited to any one area of support. In fact, one of the primary areas of support for the Foundation is the maintenance and preservation of the Temples of Humankind. These Temples are a vital asset for promoting and disseminating the values that underlie the association’s objectives.

In addition to supporting the Temples of Humankind, the Foundation also raises funds to cover a wide variety of general expenses. These expenses include accounting management expenses, legal headquarters, costs for website and social network development and maintenance, and content production. By covering these expenses, the Foundation is able to continue its important work of supporting communities and promoting its objectives.

Remuneration policies

No member receives compensation. The Foundation has no staff. Administrators perform their function voluntarily without remuneration.

Some of the activities performed

Damanhur Foundation supported directly and indirectly several events and initiatives connected to the projects described here, here we descrive the main ones

The Earth is Calling

This is a global call to support the awakening of the divine masculine to heal the planet. Live mindfully in harmony with the Earth and be an example of the change we want to see in everyone. Let us become artists and creators in everything we do, pervaded and sustained by an inexhaustible optimism, to make life sacred again!

Damanhur Foundation has supported several events and initiatives that are connected to the projects listed on their website. One noteworthy project is “The Earth is Calling,” which is a global call to support the awakening of the divine masculine to heal the planet. The project advocates for living mindfully in harmony with the Earth, being an example of the change we want to see in everyone, and becoming artists and creators in everything we do. The project aims to make life sacred again by promoting an inexhaustible optimism that will sustain practical actions that increase awareness of our relationship with the planet.

As part of this project, a series of events were also streamed online, reaching thousands of people around the world. These events were connected to practical actions aimed at increasing awareness of our relationship with the planet. Various artistic expression were also offered, such as painting, dancing, and music. Participants could discover the stunning artistic and spiritual complex of the Temples of Humankind, which has been under construction for over 40 years by the residents of Damanhur to celebrate intercultural diversity and connection.

The Damanhur Foundation actively supports initiatives that promote practical actions to increase awareness of our relationship with the planet. The Earth is Calling project has been a global call to support the awakening of the divine masculine to heal the planet, live mindfully in harmony with the Earth, and set an example for everyone. Its aim is to inspire people to become artists and creators in everything they do, pervaded and sustained by an inexhaustible optimism, to make life sacred again.

During the process, dozens of permanent installations have been created around the world, spirals and circuits that represent sacred spaces for spiritual development.

More info

African masks and rites of passage

As part of the project of the Parliament of Peoples, which aims to make known, valorize, and preserve the knowledge and traditions of Indigenous peoples, the Damanhur Federation presented an exciting experience within the Time of Peoples, an area connected to the complex of the Temples of Humankind and reserved for special events.

The underground room, dedicated to the connection between cultures and peoples, hosted a unique exhibition, an evocative installation of ritual masks and original statues from all over the African continent. The audience had the precious opportunity to immerse themselves in a guided tour by Mohamed BA, a Senegalese griot who has been living and working in Italy for twenty years, an intercultural mediator, trainer, educator, actor, and theatrical playwright. He is a researcher and bearer of values, cultures, and traditions, which he transforms into experiences that connect his African identity first, and then his “Senegalese” (Senegalese and Italian) identity with the best of the territory that hosts him. He does it with passion, determination, and professionalism.

“The African Masks and the Rites of Passage” was more than an exhibition: it is a performance and an experience that bridges different cultures. An expert guide of African culture, of the meaning of masks, their use, and their function in relation to different rites of passage, Mohamed Ba will give voice to works by great African poets such as Birago Diop and Leopold Sedar Senghor, interpreting texts related to birth, fertility, women, and death. A real show, a journey that crosses all of life, from birth to death, flowing through the masks that embody its deepest meanings. In connection with the event, on the 18th and 19th, other initiatives took place in the territory with music, rhythms, gastronomy, and dances related to African peoples and culture.

Online community project

In order to give more visibility to initiatives and projects, encourage user involvement, and foster partnerships, we invested heavily in the design, development, and creation of a new community platform. is not only an important activation and connection point for like-minded individuals, but it also serves as an accelerator for the development of project initiatives related to social purposes. Our platform is designed to promote projects and territories, and give voice to initiatives around the world that are contributing to achieving the Foundation’s goals. By providing a space for individuals to share their passions and ideas, we hope to create a community that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration. The platform offers various tools and features, such as discussion forums, event calendars, and project showcases, to ensure that everyone can find a way to contribute and be heard. Ultimately, our goal is to create a vibrant and dynamic community where individuals can come together to make a positive impact on the world.

Community development

We are supporting the creation and the development of communities all around the world. These are 2 examples

Damanhur Japan

Damanhur Japan | ダマヌール日本公式ホームページ

Orovelj, a Damanur community, was born in Komono-cho, a dream that Damanhur Japan has been striving for 25 years!


HJEM | Damanhur Norge

Damanhur Norway consists of people who are connected to Damanhur in Italy, and who live in various places in Norway. A ritual circle has been built at Bettum in Vestfold, which is used on the solstice, the equinox and the Day of the Dead.

Damanhur Norway has its own group – TecoTat – which organizes courses in Norway and disseminates information about the Damanhur Academy’s schools in Italy

Transmedia production and partnerships

We actively supported the production of documentary-style content produced by third parties on topics related to social objectives. The almost fifty-year history of Damanhur increasingly represents a strong source of inspiration and hope for those who envision a more humanized world.

Sharing experiences and visions for the future, openly discussing perspectives and approaches, are elements that contribute to the growth of awareness and sensitivity towards the Foundation’s objectives.

Among the countless productions that have reached millions of people through social channels, television, and other media, we mention:

Damanhur: the documentary – GAIA TV

Damanhur is a collection of communities and a worldwide movement with the mission to help humanity recognize its true nature of divinity, and learn to live in balance with nature. Founded in 1975 in the Piedmont region of the Alps of Northern Italy, the spiritual community embodies its values through social structure, art, governance, and business, and is celebrated for its renowned underground Temples of Humankind. The Damanhurians use the temples as a planetary tool of healing, to bring catalyzed personal and collective growth, as well as a galactic understanding of humanity’s connection to the cosmos. This documentary explores the origins of the Federation of Damanhur located throughout the Valchiusella valley from the founder Falco Tarassaco, and the people who currently live and work in the Damanhur spiritual ecocommunity.

The Choice of Staying

Damanhur is a community of spiritual researchers, who secretly built an underground temple in Northern Italy, recognized as the largest underground religious building in the world. The people of Damanhur consider themselves an independent nation, apart from Italy, although it is not recognized as such. Through the eyes of a young Swedish girl who came there to make a documentary and then decided to stay, “The Choice of Staying” tells the story of lights and shadows within the spiritual community, between the accusation of being a cult and the creation of an alternative possible society.


Our annual report provides an accurate summary of our activities, income and expenditure each year. These reports are posted online as soon as they are available.


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