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About Barys

Born in Damanhur in 1994, Barys is a second-generation Damanhurian. Both his parents had joined the Federation many years before, and Barys was born at home, in the house on top of the Temples of Humankind, Damanhur’s underground work of art.
Barys lived in that home— a community of 14 people – for his first 16 years, developing a profound love for the Temples and their spiritual message. Having become a young adult, Barys moved to a different community within Damanhur, living with a group of young Damanhurians; in that context he learned the skills of responsibility and leadership, acting both as the bursar and the representative of the whole group within Damanhur.
At 20, Barys felt ready to join Damanhur as a full-fledged Damanhurian, taking his citizenship commitment and continuing to have roles of social responsibility. In spite of his young age, Barys has traveled extensively in North America, Canada and India, assisting Damanhurian ambassadors in events and conferences. From 2013 to 2015, he was one of the two elected European representatives of NextGEN, GEN’s branch of young community activists.
In Damanhur, he has been for many years the youngest member of the press office team, guiding researchers and journalists in the discovery of the community and its philosophy.
With a B.A. in Political Sciences, Barys is completing his Master Degree in International Sciences – China Global Studies at the University of Turin.
He is a passionate player of the Damanhurian SuperRisk game, and loves all strategy games. He is a lover of the arts, and his favorite hobbies are creative writing and drawing.

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