Goal description

Damanhur Foundation’s goal is to preserve and develop the principles of spirituality, the philosophy, the cultural heritage, the intellectual property and the community experience of Damanhur, founded in the Valchiusella area in the Province of Turin (Italy), according to the ideas and teachings of the late Oberto Airaudi and to share them with other groups and cultures.


The Foundation, for this purpose:

promotes initiatives aimed at experimenting community living in order to create a balanced and fulfilling relationship between individuals of all ages;  to promote solidarity and sharing among people and/or families; to set up and support Damanhur Centers and the birth of communities based on cooperation and friendship, shared ideals and a sustainable and harmonious life-style.
advocates the protection of Nature and the enhancement of the natural environment by promoting a culture of respect for — and a synergy with — all living things,
promotes and supports all forms of ethical, spiritual, ecological and artistic research, fostering the spiritual growth of individuals and groups; encourages the practical application of spiritual principles in everyday life; promotes the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of individuals and communities.
keeps and spreads the writings, teaching, thoughts and prophetic spirit of Oberto Airaudi, late founder and inspirer of Damanhur,
supports and promotes the realization and the development of projects, spaces and structures for spiritual and/or humanitarian purposes.