In times that call into question the consolidated models of food production, quality of life and well-being, two innovative companies are starting a collaboration to create a unique research project in the agri-food sector, combining technology, data management, robotics, new social and work management models.

The goal is to innovate and make horticultural production sustainable, optimizing thanks to precision robotics, work organization, planning and reduction of phytosanitary protections, promoting the quality of life of people and operative staff by increasing the possibility of investing into the added value of the
processing and of the distribution.

The project is aimed at optimizing and planning agricultural production in Damanhur, the largest intentional community in Europe, which for decades has been experimenting with sustainable organic production models in territories located in Piedmont and other parts of Italy.

HORTOBot, partner of the initiative, thanks to its multidisciplinary team will support the Damanhur specialists in the realization of a program of activities that it’s extend from economic and financial analyzes of sustainability and development to the study and definition of production plans that will be implemented according to protocol technical/scientific to finalize the results and data for the research.
This project is the starting point to expand collaboration to the creation of a digital innovation hub for the food supply chain, in which experiences, skills, results and new projects are integrated with the primary themes of renewable energy, broadband, IoT.


Damanhur is a Federation of Spiritual Communities and a worldwide movement, born in 1975 on the alpine slopes of Piedmont, which has a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people committed to transforming themselves and society for the better. Damanhur has given birth to a new society focused on the pursuit of consciousness through shared life, art and spirituality.

Agriculture in Damanhur is based on the concept of self-sufficiency and enhancement of diversity focused on the agricultural economy present in the Canavese and Valchiusella areas. It has always undertaken and stimulated, in a concept of circular economy, organic crops and livestock in respect, as far as possible, of short supply chains and relationships with local farmers who, like Damanhur, have embraced a concept of sustainable and healthy agriculture.
Over time, forms and methods of cultivation and breeding of various plant and animal species are being experimented, enhancing the Community and its territories as a permanent laboratory.


HORTObot Srl is a highly innovative cutting-edge company operating in the 4.0 precision horticulture sector, made up of expert entrepreneurs, specialized engineers and sector professionals.
The issues addressed by the availability of HORTObot represent one of the greatest challenges worldwide: the demand for healthy food, organic and safe food, environmental sustainability, increased production volumes and assortments on the same soil, natural protection of soils and crops , rational use of primary resources, development of the agri-food system towards a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Already subject to the certification by the European Commission through the assignment of the prestigious “Seal of Excellence”, HORTObot‘s specialist and multidisciplinary approach responds to the priorities of Governments, Central Bodies and Operators as well as having a very high visibility and profitability with respect to new trends and awareness of the markets and consumers.