Damanhur Foundation is a non profit ANBI organization founded in 2017


We are a group of people devoted to sharing ideas, discoveries andsocial and spiritual technologies to support humanity evolve––collectively, individually and in connection with the living intelligence of ourplanet and the cosmos.

The core of the knowledge of Damanhur Foundation is the result ofseveral decades of shared living, studying and transforming of theDamanhur Federation of Communities.

Originally born in Italy as a social experiment and spiritual movement,Damanhur now has afliates all over the world.

At the core of its philosophy – rooted in the ancient wisdom of theWest, with a visionary approach to the future – is the commitment to be an example and inspire people to take actions that can positively change the world.

Damanhur Foundation is actively engaged in fundraising initiatives tosupport Damanhur’s main projects in the areas of:

• inter-cultural dialogue and support of IndigenousPeoples’ wisdom

•fostering of spiritual awareness through the arts, edu-cation and the creation of Sacred Spaces•respect for the earth, the environment and explo-ration of inter-species communication.



Our Founding Pillars


To open our mind and our heart, understand the language of the cos-mos and create a new culture of harmonious interconnection.



To take actions to change the world for the better, and inspire others to do the same. Day after day, with dedication and radical optimism.



To tune with the needs of our time and give birth to a new humanity,connected, engaged, compassionate and curious.