The Temple of Concordance

The present complex of the Temples of Humankind is only a portion of the development of sacred space envisaged for the top of Vidracco’s hill. Damanhur’s new project is the reclamation of an abandoned stone quarry that is now defacing a portion of the woodland area.

This is the site chosen for the “Temple of the Concordance” dedicated to inspiring a new era of world peace, understanding and cooperation. At its heart there will be the “Parliament of Peoples”, where Indigenous leaders will be able to meet with each other – and with leaders of thought, political figures and agents of social transformation. In this way the ancient wisdom of those who never forgot the harmonious ways of the Earth will not only be honored, it will inspire policy makers and help solve some of the challenges of our future.

The Temple of Concordance will be a place to rekindle hope: hope for the future of humanity and the spiritual, artistic and social renaissance of our world. A place to reinforce faith in the profound ethical nature of human beings and from which to construct the path towards a future of peace.

The complex as a whole will develop over an area of about 2 hectares, the total area of the intervention is about 9,000 square meters for a volume of 70,000 cubic meters and a development in elevation up to 24 meters, from the bottom of the already excavated quarry — consisting of two large holes. The harmony of the natural landscape will be restored and exalted.

In the spaces next to the Parliament of People there will be:

A physical and virtual museum to preserve texts, handicrafts and traditions of Indigenous people;
an interactive library to gather, record and share languages, songs and traditional stories of Indigenous people, as well as elements of their cultures;
A wellness center for treatments and natural healing;
Halls and spaces for seminars and studying;
A small boutique hotel
Cabins on stilts to sleep fully immersed in the canopy;
An organic restaurant to recuperate and preserve ancient recipes based on wild herbs and product of the territory.


This is a very complex project, a challenge that requires innovative, ad-hoc architectural solutions. Damanhur’s architects have been tackling this challenge for over 15 years: many designs have already been made, and they continue to evolve as new solutions and materials are developed.

The approach that is currently being explored is inspired by bio-mimicry. Biomimetic architecture seeks solutions not just by replicating the natural forms, but by understanding the rules governing those forms, looking to recreate the utility, efficiency, resiliency and beauty of nature.

In this way, it will be possible not only to restore the natural environment destroyed by decades of quarrying, but also to create a completely sustainable structure, comfortable for humans and non-disruptive for the birds and the animals of the area.

The new spaces of the Parliament of Peoples will include a covered amphitheater seating 400 people. Part of the existing rock walls will be left untouched to create a very special acoustic and energetic effect.


One of Damanhur’s purposes is to establishing a Learning Center to collect and disseminates ancient knowledge on how to create, sustain and develop a community and a People.

Connected to the Parliament there will therefore be a library dedicated to sacred and spiritual texts of Indigenous peoples, as well as to research on their traditions. A part of this knowledge will be collected by Damanhurian researchers themselves, in partnership with different experts and institutions. This is to make sure that the information can then be transmitted in a way that is as close as possible to the oral tradition through whichever they’re normally transmitted.

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CRYSTAL SPIRAL On the ground of this area, there is a first, beautiful stone spiral made with crystals from all over the world. Damanhur’s project envisages its expansion and enrichment with new elements. In many traditions,crystals are an instrument of contact with the energies of our planet, and Indigenous peoples consider them as powerful tools…

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A sacred place where Indigenous leaders will be able to meet with each other – and with leaders of thought. A Parliament to reinforce faith in the ethical nature of human beings and from which to build a path towards a future of peace.

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