One of Damanhur’s purposes is to establishing a Learning Center to collect and disseminates ancient knowledge on how to create, sustain and develop a community and a People.

Connected to the Parliament there will therefore be a library dedicated to sacred and spiritual texts of Indigenous peoples, as well as to research on their traditions. A part of this knowledge will be collected by Damanhurian researchers themselves, in partnership with different experts and institutions. This is to make sure that the information can then be transmitted in a way that is as close as possible to the oral tradition through whichever they’re normally transmitted.

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CRYSTAL SPIRAL On the ground of this area, there is a first, beautiful stone spiral made with crystals from all over the world. Damanhur’s project envisages its expansion and enrichment with new elements. In many traditions,crystals are an instrument of contact with the energies of our planet, and Indigenous peoples consider them as powerful tools…

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A sacred place where Indigenous leaders will be able to meet with each other – and with leaders of thought. A Parliament to reinforce faith in the ethical nature of human beings and from which to build a path towards a future of peace.

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