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Policy Plan

The foundation grants free cash or in-kind grants, using funds from asset management and donations specially collected for non-profit organizations for financing activities in the fields of culture, spiritual promotion, solidarity, education or training in general, the protection and valorisation of things of artistic interest, nature, environment and research.

It promotes greater collective awareness about the topics mentioned above also featured through research, studies, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, reviews, publications, periodicals, editorial and audiovisual products in general, training courses, events, cultural events both at its headquarters and at/in associations or institutions with similar purposes around the world, organization of pilgrimages and spiritual voyages.

Remunartion policy
The directors do not take fees but only reimbursement of expenses within the limits of the Dutch regulations and therefore the work of the directors is free and voluntary in compliance with the rules of the articles of association of the foundation.

Stichting Damanhur Foundation


CCI Number69469547
SBI code94996 – Other idealistic organizations
Legal FormStichting (comparable with Foundation)
Statutory nameStichting Damanhur Foundation
Also known asDamanhur Foundation
Corporate seatAmsterdam
Visiting addressBeemsterweg 12A, 1311XC Almere
Telephone number+31(0)6- 22469740 and +31 (0)20-6166266
First Entry in Business Register27/08/2017
Date of deed of incorporation24/08/2017





NameNelien Krijtenburg – Con voi B.V.
Visiting addressStadhouderskade 156-2, 1074BC Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date and place of birth17-12-1971, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Registered under CCI Number69153558
Date of Entry into24-08-2017 (registration date: 27-08-2017)
PowersJointly authorised (with other board member(s), see articles)
NameGuasti, Gilberto
Date and place of birth28-02-1961, Florence, Italy
Address (Adres)Via Saler 5-6, 10080 Vidracco, Italy
Date of entry into office24-08-2017 (registration date): 27-08-2017)
PowersJointly authorized (with other board member (s), see articles)
NameManfrin, Antonio
Date and place of birth11-01-1972, Algiers, Algeria
Address (Adres)Region of Surei 3, 10080 Vistrorio, Italy
Date of entry into office24-08-2017 (registration date): 27-08-2017)
PowersJointly authorized (with other board member (s), see articles)

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