At Damanhur they are not only dreamers, they are doers, and they don’t just do for themselves. They have a lot of active outreach into the world… They began huge incredible-scale things like the Temples of Humankind. They are creatively active, physically active, active in all areas that are important for human society.

Manitonquat, (AKA Medicine Story) Elder of the Assonet-Wampanoag, story-teller and author

What can I say!? I’ve seen a lot of things, I’ve seen things that you people wouldn’t believe… but here I really saw a level of “operational madness” that I sense wants to express something really important for the whole human race!

Syusy Blady, Italian actress and writer

I feel deep appreciation for the people whose imagination, love and dedication created this extraordinary monument (referred to the Temples of Humankind) and community that shows the way to a better future for all of us.

Stanislav Grof, psychiatrist, Founder of Transpersonal Psychology, author and scientist

In the early 1970’s, when John Lennon wrote the lyrics to “Imagine”, he probably never imagined that within a few years the world he dreamed of would be birthed into being. This is what Damanhur makes me think of.

Arielle Ford, one of America’s foremost publicist, a founding partner of the Spiritual Cinema Circle and author of several books

Damanhur is a great example for humanity of a society that can work and function together in such a way that everybody is honored and everybody can thrive.

Nassim Haramein, American physicist and researcher, author of “A Theory of Everything”
I created the  “What’s Your Tree?” Project to challenge individuals to find a passion that guides their life, so that they can be in service and inspired. I believe that many Damanhurians have “found their tree”. They know what their dreams are and are actively realizing them.
Julia Butterfly Hill, American activist and author. She lived in a tree for 738 days to prevent cutting down of forests.

In the foreword to “Damanhur, City of Light” (COSM press, NY, 2006), the American painter and writer Alex Gray writes: “The Temples are residence for divine presence, nurtured by an outpouring of devotional labor. By patiently digging deeply within the mountain and transforming the earthen caverns and tunnels into glorious Halls, the Damanhurians offer a model of commitment to personal transformation by digging deeply within the self. Performing their work on behalf of the planet, out of reverence and love of nature, in remembrance of celestial origins, Damanhurians restore faith in humanity. The people of Damanhur have expressed their creativity through the communal systems of education, economics, socio-politics, environmental stewardship, agriculture, and all the arts and crafts. Damanhur and its Temples are a beacon of possibility for the future.”

Alex Grey, American visionary artist, author, teacher and co-founder of The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

That which I find interesting and attractive about Damanhur is the fusion of practical experimentation with new social forms and spirituality, inside a community context. The real value of Damanhur is to give people permission to try out a new world, and to demonstrate that a new world is possible.

Professor Paul H. Ray, co-author of “Cultural Creatives : How 50 Million People Are Changing the World”.

“For me Damanhur is a remarkable flaring forth of creative genius. I have visited the prominent art museums of the world. I thought I was familiar with the transformative power of art, and I thought I knew something of the impact of creative expression. And I did know. Still, my various experiences in the Temples of Humankind took me to an entirely different level of human possibility.
The creators of the Damanurian works of art are from our generation. Every generation has to create its own narrative. If such a narrative were a book for our generation, the Temples of Humankind would be the cover.”

Will Taegel, PhD, professor, author, and former Dean of Wisdom University, co-founder of the “EarthTribe”, an eco-spiritual community.

I have deep respect for the efforts of Damanhur, especially in trying to remember, to get the knowledge of the past, of the story of this planet.

Semir Osmanagić, archelogist, head of the team uncovering the Bosnian Pyramids