The powerful divine energies the Temples catalyze are active to help everyone focus on the opportunities for a fresh start, to turn the challenge of the pandemics into a profound transformation toward greater awareness. This can be a reset for the whole human species, maybe even the beginning of a new line of time and events. Help us keep the Temples functioning, especially at a time in which we have less visitors who can come, and less possibility to receive income to maintain them. Become a Patron of one of the most powerful Spiritual beacons of our times.


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  1. I still have a deep desire to become a citizen of Damanhur. The time spent there in 2011 still lives like gold in me.

  2. Con voy! Thank you for the time alchemy crystal, I’m honored. I appreciate the incredible work Damanhurians are doing and all of the sacred meditations we did in the temple.

  3. I have been in love with Damanur ever since a presentation in Denver, CO many years ago. My son has visited twice. I have not. Hope to some day. In the meantime, here’s a small token of my support.

  4. In gratitude for Damanhur, the Temples, Falco, the Mystery School, Crotalo and the beauty they’ve all brought into my life.

  5. I visited Damanhur on a 3 day tour about 15 years ago. It still lives in me as one of the most spiritual places I have ever visited in my life, very unique in its expression and its energies. A true Wonder of the World.

  6. I am Lanu 1st Degree, in the Tantra Maat group and in the Meditation class of Gazza, Shama and Formica. Sending you all deepest love at this very difficult time. Con Voi

  7. Thanks for your community example to the world. Thanks for showing how the impossible become possible. A tight hug to all Damanhur.

  8. I Love you all and your stunning beautiful art expressing the divine! Make the best out of it and read “A Course In Miracles”
    From my heart
    Anne from Germany

  9. I love Damanhur and the work you are doing.🧡 Keep up the good work people of Damanhur! 🙏

  10. I have visited you twice, and i hope to show it again to my wife. You’re a realy good inspiration

  11. I cherish my vajne citizenship and every day I share the Music of the Plants MoP instrument with people who are awestruck when they hear plants and trees and flowers singing to them. I share the knowledge that the plants are sending healing energy of just the right frequencies for our healing and that the plant kingdom is eager to reconnect with us humans. Together with our Plant Kingdom allies we can save us and the planet.
    Thank you for sharing the Temple of Humankind and the Damanhur wisdom teachings with the world. Hope to visit again soon. Con voi. Brenda MeditAction 118

  12. Hope you will be able to survive in this time… Keep up the faith and good work 😉

  13. I’ll come visit today or tomorrow in Baldissero Canavese with my family as we’re in the area for a couple of days.
    Keep the great work up, you are so inspiring!

  14. we are one family and we will soon reunite and remember our connection. the temple will assist humankind in this event; thank y0u I hope to be walking through the temple soon.

  15. I meditate with this energy everyday and invoke the energy from this place everyday. I am ever grateful to the benefit that i am getting.

  16. As a member of the Water Tiger community I have been introduced to Damanhur via SriMati and am in awe of the beauty and vision you are creating for humankind. Sending love to everyone from New Zealand.

  17. I have benefited greatly from my years I Damanhur Mystery School and continue to receive support. I am very grateful to the work done by Damanhur. In gratitude for Falco, Crotolo and everyone involved ! Lynne Snyder

  18. The Temples are (after my family homes) the most important building in the world to me. A beacon. A global developmental instrument. An epic tale of what’s possible. An extraordinary creative process. One which I feel I am participating in a little with this donation.

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