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  1. La Beauté de ces réalisations est l’Amour manifesté. J’en suis émerveillée et heureuse … Merci!

  2. The dream of a future humanity in resonance, the remembrance of important wisdom from the past., is here and now in the daily actions taken at the community called Damanhur. The Temples of Human Kind which they have been diligently and harmoniously creating for all of humanity is inspiring beyond description. A gift to continue its upkeep and continuing creation, is a gift for generations to come..

  3. I am donating to the People of Damanhur to use for the highest good of all.

  4. Light and live to you all through these challenging times. To look forward to visiting you soon please god now all this passes and when I’m exploring my 5th past live with Shama. Kindest regards Lionel

  5. The work that has been and continues is a priceless contribution to our children children children

  6. Heard from Josef Badgruber that You need support at this times and that You give medidation advise online

  7. Bon courage à tous en cette periode de transformation interieure
    j’envoie tout mon amour au “people of Damanuhr”
    de tout coeur

  8. Thank you for all the work you do. I have done lots of past life courses with Shama in Ireland and look forward to more. Wishing you love and light at this time

  9. we were offered a walk through the Spiral in Drempt today, it was such a blessing, so much gratitude for the work that’s been done to re-awaken us all! With love!

  10. Out of my joy and gratefulness for your courage, creativity and open-hearted stamina.

  11. I am so grateful to you for your contribution to humankind. And also to my friends who hold space here in the U.S. for us to keep this an active connection. Infinite love and blessings!

  12. How do I access the Damanhur University Website? How might I purchase The Tarot of Damanhur? Thanks!

    • Con te,
      thanks to you for your interest and for your support
      We are in a redesign phase for the website of Damanhur University here you can find some of the courses of University. Some of them are still on the website we are moving
      Tarots are on sale here
      We are in a process of rationalizing all the user experience, searching for support from designers willing to design and innovate with us 🙏🏻

  13. Thank you so much for your commitment during all these years!!! It is outstanding and extraordinary! And this knowledge of another reality needs now to be spread everywhere and reach everyone! I am very much happy to support your work to the level of my current financial situation! My wish is now to bring much more ease to your community so that life on Earth can actually be the celebration that it ought to be… in symbiotic harmony! Take care!

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