New Year's Eve 2020

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For this special individual and collective divination, in the spirit of reciprocity and fair exchange of energy, we ask you to donate to the Temples of Humankind. No donation is too small. Thank you and many blessings. May you and your loved ones be healthy, joyful and prosperous!

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The purpose of calling in contributors is to raise resources for the restoration and maintenance of the Temples, to preserve this spiritual ark of cultures for the next generations.

Goal: 330.000 € for urgent restorations and annual maintenance 

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian) 日本語 (Japanese)


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  1. Damanhur is one of the harbors I go to for maintenance of my ship, My job is to help spread magical teaching over the world/

  2. As an initiate, the Temples have gifted humans such richness. I wish to donate the amount I can afford, with great gratitude and love, knowing in the New Year, that richness increases, tenfold! Blessings to you Damanhur!

  3. Damanhur is a symbol for everyone on our planet. We need to align to the frequencies of Damanhur.

  4. I was in the temple with you on NYE 3 or 4 years ago…maybe a little longer. I am grateful to be joining by livestream this week.

  5. We came 2x and are very impressed with the work and lectures of Damanhur. We also joined in this year a couple of time. Love and Light to you all xx Martina and John de Lange

  6. I appreciate the invitation to be part of a more elevated, communal prayer ritual for the coming of the new year.

  7. Gracias a Damanhur y a los Templos de la Humanidad por la Misión que realizan en este momento evolutivo tan importante para el Planeta Tierra y la Humanidad!!! Aumentando la Sincronicidad y Cocreando la línea temporal más evolutiva para el 2021!!! Gracias, Gracias, Gracias ❤️💙💛🙏

  8. Con Voi! Excited to align and attune with my brothers and sisters around the world and with the flow of Synchronicity for the New Year!

  9. I am donating because I am fully aligned with Damanhur and all it represents for the future of humanity. Namaste.

  10. I’d love to be there in person on New Years Eve, alas it isn’t possible to travel. Therefore, I donate in thanks for the sacred live feed Divination.

  11. I have loved the Temples of Damanhur ever since I first saw them online and have always wanted to come to see them in person. Due to the pandemic I can not do that for the moment but – one day!- I hope I will be able to come to Damanhur!

  12. Following my visit to Damanhur I wished to connect your energies to my centre Primrose Haven and so developed a Triple Spiral Labyrinth which we journey through with the Dana Goddess energy.

  13. My first encounter wqs last year at new year celebration. Breathtaking and overwhelming. “It is still in me”. Thank to all “Damanhurians”!!!

  14. My mom and I visited Damanhur (Italy) in 2017 and found it to be a beautiful, mystical and powerful place. The Damanhur community was loving and devoted. We are joining this sacred event together in honor or our time there together, and to honor Damanhur’s mission at this dawning of a New Age!

  15. I visited Damanhur in 2007 and it changed my life. I am truly grateful for the work you are doing and bringing forth into the world.

  16. Thank you for everything. This is a small contribution compared to the gratitude and love I feel for you. With you and for you.

  17. Hello friends,
    I am donating because I love your work.
    I visited twice and I installed the Saturn Bubbler in Porta della Luna in 2016
    I am now in a financial position where I can donate to you.

  18. Being together connected in these Great Temples in Damanhur, which I could experience some years ago, sharing our light, reflecting cosmoc light on a special ritual as this New Year,s Eve celebration will surely be of great support for all living beings, on earth and in the whole great cosmos, inspiring us all to stay together as Co-Creators for a New Earth in a New Cosmos.

  19. We visited Damanhur a few years ago, and will never forget the power and beauty of the temples.

  20. Much Gratitude to Damanhur … fortunate to have spend a magical night in the Hall of mirrors. Feel Blessed to contribute to Keep the Temple alive and preserved for generations to come!!

  21. Was blessed to have experienced Damanhur . Feel blessed to contribute to such Important work for the world to know!! Everything must be maintained fir generations to come!! GRAZIE MELE

  22. I love Damanhur! I haven’t been there yet physically, but I feel a strong connection never the less. I am very excited to be a part of their New Years Eve celebration!

  23. Thank you very much for organizing such events that are connecting us all together. Sending you much love. Con Voi from Zagreb Croatia

  24. Grateful Damanhur has come into my life ….this experience, opportunity for all humanity, must be preserved for the future generations! Blessed to have spent the night in the Temple !! Life will never be the same after that experience!!

  25. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to have a connection with this special place. Thank you all for the energy you give and the light you share

  26. I am donating in the spirit of reciprocity and in my hope that the Temple serves humanity for hundreds of years to come.

  27. Con voi Damanhur familia! I love and miss you all and excited to join You for this magical divination!

  28. We visited Damanhur in the autumn of 2019 . It is a powerful gift for all of humanity and the earth at this critical moment in our history. The temples are exquisite artistically and energetically. I am so grateful for the amazing work and dedication of all the citizens. Thank you all!

  29. Mein Besuch vor 30 Jahren in Damanhur ist mir unvergesslich, Vielleicht kann ich ihn wiederholen, das hoffe ich!

  30. We had a wonderful time with you and hope to be back soon… we wish you all the best for 2021 !

  31. The Temples are amazing as well as Damanhur,keep up the great work and thank you for organizing this online event!

  32. Thank you for sharing this livestream! I spent time in the Temples of Humankind when I visited with my daughter a few years ago. It was transforming!

  33. It is an honor to join the community putting my grain of sand in this great service for humanity and the planet.

  34. To insure the magic and regenerative properties of the Temples will survive for generations to come!
    Con voi per voi!

  35. In the spirit of equity and reciprocity, my husband Robert and I donate to the Temples. Con Voi.

  36. Gratitude and Sacred Blessings. Until I get to visit I am So Grateful for Damenhaur’s sharings online. Grazie mille

  37. I visited the Temples with my healing group in 2007. They were a magical 5 days that none of us have forgotten. We hope to return one day.

  38. j’aime ce lieu pour son énergie et les activités proposées, donc il est important de soutenir tout le travail de ce peuple.

  39. We love to be in Damanhur, so much inspiration. and mutual friendship, we miss our friends there!..this year we miss the Rituals very much and are happy to participate a little bit via Zoom, still remembering the Temple-Ritual last Year! blessings and best wishes to All! Shanti & Helen

  40. I gratefully remember the time I spent in the temples on several occasions 5 years ago and I am looking forward to enjoy their magic again tonight, with so many people from around the globe. Thank you for organizing this event!

  41. I am so grateful for the beauty and transcendence that these temples bring to humanity as a whole!

  42. After 2 wonderful trips to Damanhur, I received energy that propelled my growth and clarity. I have met wonderful people and being part of the people of Damanhur I continue to feel the spirit of Damanhur and the community in my heart. I support all the work Damanhur is doing and the upkeep of the magnificent temples of humankind. Thank you Damanhur for this new year connection and transmission. Love and blessings.

  43. HAPPY NEW YEAR! May2021 find us in good health and present to and appreciating the small wonders in our life!
    Thank you for sharing your celebrations with us all! My time at Damanhur was incredibly special and I appreciate you all and send you my gratitude!

  44. I love what you are bringing to the world! My experience at Damanhur a few years ago was life changing. As a member of the Earthtribe community in Texas, I appreciate the resonance of our two communities and support your efforts!

  45. Because you all created a very important and beautiful part of the new world, our new home 🙏🏻✨

  46. I have always admired the temples, but I have never seen an event in them. I am very interested in seeing them come so alive as they will be tonight, and I believe that the energy from the temples and those who attend can be important for bringing for the the New World with changes that will improve life on this planet in ways that are urgently needed. Gloria Orenstein

  47. I am calling in infinite abundance. I will be in the ocean mostlikely here in maui when u do this ceremony, however , i send regards and best wishes to Esperade and the other Damanhur folks i have met here in the states over the years. Pej…

  48. All the best blessings to Damanhur Centrale, to Damanhur Vajne and to the Pan-Earth Awakening and Partnership! Con voi and per voi with much love and gratitude.

  49. Thank you Damanhur for events like this that keep everyone around the world connected to the mothership. Happy New Year to Everyone!

  50. Thank you for everything you do!
    I will visit Damanhur in 2021, very much looking forward.
    Peace and Blessings

  51. I have visited Damanhur and am insured by the energetic power of the halls and the generosity and kindness of the people

  52. I visited Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind in 2016. I loved the place and I want to support its marvelous work..

  53. For the continuing support and evolution of the planet and the mission of Damanhur with love

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