You can support the salvation, digitalization, translation and share of thousands of hours of Falco’s video and audio recording. An important source of knowledge that needs to be preserved and deployed.

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Since the beginning, Falco has always asked to be recorded and filmed to create material for study and elaboration with all the nuances of oral transmission.

This enormous value is stored in over 23,000 audio cassettes, 23 boxes of VHS, 300 videos on Mini DV, a lot of written material, growing with new discoveries.

In all these years hundreds of people have collaborated for the transcription, but to preserve the multimedia contents a digitization is essential and will open new possibilities of sharing and translating into other languages.

The project consists of three macro-phases

  1. Digitization of magnetic media and cataloguing of new digital content
  2. First automatic transcription, as a basis for a revision of the texts
  3. Translation through artificial intelligence engines,

The first phase of the project has an estimated cost of about 74.000

FASE 2 followed by “human” revisions and integrations 164.000

Prima fase contenuti sulla cosmogonia, la visione della fisica spirituale e magia pratica



almost entirely covered thanks to donations, mainly by  Vajne citizens.

You can be part of this project and the preservation of this valuable knowledge by contributing with a donation.

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