To be part of the Activation Ritual all you need to do is give a donation based on the number 3, to connect to the meaning of the Pejda ideogram. Thank you for your support!

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The purpose of calling in contributors is to raise resources for the restoration and maintenance of the Temples, to preserve this spiritual ark of cultures for the next generations.

Goal: 330.000 € for urgent restorations and annual maintenance 

US tax exemption

Choose payment method “Credit Card for US Tax Deduction” if you want a tax-deductible contribution to US Friends of Damanhur’s Temples of Humankind, a fiscally sponsored project of Inquiring Systems, Inc. (ISI), a tax-exempt 501 © (3) nonprofit corporation with EIN: 94-2524840. Please choose this option for contribution above 33€ (around 38,5 $). The contribution(s) were received without exchange of goods or services.

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  1. Since my visit to Damanhur in the Fall 2019 I am profoundly impressed and I love the way of living, sharing, processing and investigate at this wondrous place. I feel deeply connected to this way of living.

  2. May wealth be amplified for all
    May Damanhur and Damanhurians and it’s friends around the world be prosperous
    I am most grateful to have this opportunity to be inside these sacred halls with you on this propitious day
    I have personal intentions for wealth for a home and Financial freedom and then for the opportunity to visit Damanhur and to contribute to the restoration and maintenance of this sacred mountain and to connect with this powerful community Grazi

  3. A friend was having trouble with the website so registering for this is an experiment for me that I hope works. I had a visit to Damanhur a few years ago.

  4. My body continues to hold a spiritual connection to Damanhur from my stay there in July 2016.
    I am honored to be with you again through energetic and ceremonial support.
    Thank you for the invitation.

  5. PEJDA ¡¡¡ Tenemos todo lo que necesitamos para vivir en amor y armonía en la Tierra !!!
    ¡¡¡ Gracias infinitas al servicio de Damanhur y los Templos de la Humanidad !!!
    Io sono con voi

  6. For all the amazing work Damanhur is doing for humankind, thank you to SriMati for bringing awareness of Damanhur to me.

  7. My heart is filled with gratitude for all that you have given me. Wish I could be with you in person again this year.

  8. Thank you for your extraordinary efforts that so lovingly bless the world. I bow to you for your amazing dedication, service and artistry. It is humbling. 🌈❤️🙏

  9. Questa donazione è un atto d’amore per un bene comune , la ricchezza è dare il giusto valore a ciò che davvero conta per l’essere umano

  10. May material and spiritual abundance come to us all during this time of global transition. May my donation help to maintain the sacred temples of Damanhur materially, spiritually and energetically. Love and light from Austria ❤️🙏

  11. Alla ricerca di una strada che percorro lenta e incerta, senza vederla. Lavoro e abbondanza, gioia di fare e dare. Gioia di ricevere per proseguire con i miei sogni. Grazie per ogni luce che si accende. Elena.

  12. For the preservation of the Temples of Human kind, and the awakening of Pejda in the world, in Damanhur, and within and around each one of us. Con voi

  13. I have been interested for a long time and had actually paid for a visit a couple of years ago, but was unable to attend. My thoughts about the nature of existence have been with me all my life. I love what Daminhur is achieving.

  14. The number 3 has come up a lot recently and the number 11 is very special to me, so I’ve selected 33 euros. It also represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…the Trinity. I first learned about Damanhur in the beginning of the year and have been so fascinated by all of its history and mission. What a beautiful and incredible concept of living! I pray that one day my travels will take me there to experience this energy center. Thank you so much and I am so excited to participate in the Activation Ritual! Namaste!

  15. Let’s keep up the common work of being part of Gaia, connected to the realms below our feet, to the open heart vibrations amongst us and to the realms above our heads. 🙂

  16. I am grateful for the courses I am taking with Damanhur ambassadors and teachers through the generosity of Jennifer Evanko both in person in Pittsburgh with Crotalo, and Antilope, and since Covid, online with Crotalo, Shama, and Esperide. I am also grateful for pranic and stiloself healings I have received from Jennifer, Crotalo , Antilope. Ever since first hearing about Damanhur I have wanted to visit and plan to as soon as the travel restrictions from the U.S are lifted. I wish to help preserve the Temples and plan to donate more when I can. Thank you for all you are doing for our planet.

  17. I like the philosophy of the Damanhur Foundation & would dearly love to visit there one day. Thank you for arranging this celebration

  18. The overwhelming inspiration and vibrant creative energy, the community, selfsustainability and so much more, I got whilst visiting has never left me
    . It where I would love to reside.

  19. I visited Damanhur for an ecovillage conference and it remains the single place in the world where I found people to be happy and whole as a community.
    Damanhur also channeling some seriously amazing energetics and alchemizing them to create something powerful for the now.
    My feeling is that Damanhurs’ action at this time is a gift to the world to call in the light and it’s something i wanted to share, as the energy field that is being created is the medicine that the world needs right now.

  20. Desidero abbondanza per tutti, voglio contribuire col mio amore a Damanhur perche ci credo e per ringraziare l’energia ed amore di questo luogo magico ❤️🙏🏽❤️

  21. I am waiting Devine matrix activation program. Hopefully next year will finally happen. I am gladly sending support on all labels

  22. I have been fascinated by Damanhur and the work you’re doing since many years. Up to now a visit didn’t happen and probably it won’t happen in this lifetime. So now I can at least make a small contribution to this precious place.

  23. I visited Damanhur and the Temples 4 years ago during the vernal Equinox. It was a 5-day stay and a profound spiritual experience. They truly support humanity in our process of Awakening.

  24. Thank you for this opportunity to join you in this event. I very much would love to visit Damanhur and see the Temple of Human kind.

  25. I am honored to participate in this sacred ceremony. May the Temples of Humankind be preserved and well tended for years to come. Thank you 🙏

  26. With immense love of Falco and all Damanhurians and for spiritualizing the money for Victory in our collective missions in service to humanity and the entire Earth.

  27. Dearest Damanhur Family, I’ll be tuning in tomorrow, holding the deepest intention to open to the infinite flow of creative, spiritual and wealth abundance that flows through the world, for the highest good of all.
    Thank you for all you do and for your dreaming.
    All love
    Con Te!

  28. In the temples I had the most beautiful experience when I was pregnant of my daughter in a beautiful ritual of welcoming her soul in my body. She is a wise and knowing soul grounded in a healthy 3 year old body. It feels like she is carrying some of the energies of the temples.

  29. Blessings to the Temples of Humankind and the people of Damanhur for all that they contribute to the planet and beyond, and ts beings.

  30. To know this donation will help preserve the precious Art ,Special Statues, and preserve Architecture of these magnificent Temples of Humankind!!
    Plus, Grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful spiritual and energetically magical experience!!

  31. What a synchronicity I opened this today when I’m doing a ceremony of forgiveness release and renewal. Thank you.

  32. I believe these living labs of the New Earth are needed more than ever and Damanhur is a living social experiment and a temple. This fusion of community living and art and the sacred and embodying the fullness of our potential here and now is a gift and a seed in the soil of the awakening of humanity, thank you <3

  33. Thank you the loving energy you hold for our collective consciousness, May we continue to ascend in harmony always with one another.

  34. I appreciate very much to be in contact with the people from Damanhur und like to contribute to the heartful evolution of humankind to a society where growth of one person does not mean a loss for annother beeing (human, animal, plant, known or unknown) but spreads like light to every beeing to encourage there growth too.

  35. I want to be a part of this awakening process to be a conduit of spiritual and materialistic prosperity for myself and the world around me.

  36. Sono felice di contribuire alla manutenzione di questa meravigliosa sala labirinto e ad una maggiore abbondanza dentro di me e gli altri.

  37. To give and receive energy to the Temple of Humankind, for the positive development for this planet and Damanhur as an important vehicle to make this happen. Con voi e con amore. Arimina.

  38. I was several times in Damanhur.
    My partner is sick and I take care 24/7
    So it is not possible to visit you in Damanhur

  39. Damanhur is a a symbol of what the whole plant is able to achieve if we work together in harmony with each other as well as the natural and spiritual world.

  40. Wealth of courage to be reciprocal, wealth of courage to SEE wealth, wealth of courage to co-create, wealth of courage to receive and give back. Thank you for the courage to activate abundance for all!

  41. This is a wonderful community, with such deep dedication and commitment to the positive evolution of humanity. I have deep love for this community and all my dear friends there.

  42. Wealth of courage to be reciprocal, wealth of courage to SEE wealth, wealth of courage to co-create, wealth of courage to receive and give back. Thank you for the courage to activate abundance for all!

  43. As a member of Julie Piatt/Sri Mati’s Water Tiger Community and a friend of Julie herself, I have been very grateful to be connected with your community. I very much appreciate all that you do for humankind and for your service towards ushering in a new earth. Thank you and with love.

  44. I believe in the spirit of community in the name of peace, and unity which is needed all around the world in these times of fear and uncertainty.

  45. Bless you for all the wonderful energy you give to the world. I hope some day we will come to see you in person. I had hoped to soon but with Covid…

  46. Supporting Damanhur is supporting humanity. I beleive the creation of Damanhur to be one of the most important expressions of unity and the possibility of a free, devoted and compassionate way of life on Earth.
    In gratitude and reverence, Malee.

  47. May all beings be content. May all have the resources they need! May I find the finances I need to grown my business so I can reach more people.

  48. The Temples are a vital creative resource for our planet. And personally, fill me with inspiration and hope. Let’s maintain and grow them.

  49. It’s time for us to come together. And my experience with damanhur and damanhur Corinne has been profound. I would love to support in any way I can

  50. I would like to learn about my prosperity – how can i achieve and maintain it.
    Find balance between spirituality and material wealth.

  51. I am in support of abundance and equity on behalf of all that is rising in this time. Thank you for this meditation!

  52. Thank You so much for bringing us into the Temple with you today! I have longed to be there in person with you, especially at the Equinox!
    Abundance and Prosperity for All! May unlimited wealth in all our lives flow freely, a wealth of love, joy, vibrant health and well being and financial freedom. I am calling a beautiful home and wealth for the rest of my life ease and to be able to contribute to people, organizations like yours that help the greater good and the planet.

  53. Blessings in this Activation Ritual pedja to raise resources for the restoration and maintenance of the Temples, in order to preserve this spiritual ark of cultures for the next generations. This is in memory and honor of Seena B. Frost.

  54. Some time ago I attended a workshop with one of your teachers and I hope one day I will be able to visit you or do course there and see the temples in person.

  55. Gratitude for everything that Damanhur develops, encompasses, contributes and expands towards this planet and to my world and for all choices I have made to be back home.

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