the Federation Damanhur
launches a project for the introduction of
precision robotics in horticultural production

In times that call into question the consolidated models of food production, quality of life and well-being, two innovative companies are starting a collaboration to create a unique research project in the agri-food sector, combining technology, data management, robotics, new social and work management models. The goal is to innovate and make horticultural production sustainable,… Donate

The Adventurous History of the Temples of Humankind

After the first excavations began in the summer of 1978, the Temples of Humankind remained a secret for sixteen years. Only the Damanhurian artists, craftspeople and masons directly involved in the construction knew about it. Even though the Temples were on Damanhurian property, they were unauthorized because in the Piedmont region of Italy, there were neither laws that regulated underground construction nor authorities for the asking of permission.